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Courage to speak directly to Stigma.
| | “What you really fear the most isn’t the suffering inside of you, it’s the stigma,” he says. “It’s the shame, it’s the embarrassment. We live in a world where if you break your arm, everyone runs over to … Read More Read More

Stigma Stains has begun…
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“Stigma Stains” is a traveling art installation of twenty vibrant, enlightening paintings and corresponding written narratives, illustrating the struggles of real people with different forms of mental illness. The project starts by collecting mental illness secrets from personal interviews, website … Read More Read More

Has an artwork moved you?
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Works of Art provide knowledge and experiences that we would not otherwise have. A painting expresses ideas and emotions in ways that arguments, graphs, charts, poems and stories cannot express. Works of art, however, provide knowledge and experiences only if … Read More Read More

Teaching my kids through my painting.
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“The secret to becoming Wonder Woman is a heritage of proactively choosing core values”, 30 x 30 Transparent Allegories and Fairy Tales: a painting series is an exploration of the lessons I want to teach my kids as seen through … Read More Read More