Jennifer Ivanovic

Jennifer Ivanovic earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts from The Columbus College of Art & Design, a prestigious four year art college in Ohio. Upon graduation, She immediately sought out a design internship in South Africa and landed a full time position at BSB/Bates South Africa. She was a lead designer working with several international accounts in South Africa for three years.

Jennifer continued her career as an Art Director in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. She painted in her free time and was represented by Chameleon ArtWorks & Gallery.

Her painting style has changed dramatically since CCAD. She rarely use a paint brush. Jennifer’s colorful paintings are from a unique pouring method that she invented. This flowing paint method promotes spontaneity, on canvas color mixing and "happy" accidents.

After Milwaukee, the Ivanovic family spent an adventure filled year working in Christchurch, New Zealand. Followed by a five month around-the-world hiatus. Upon returning, the Ivanovic family spent three years working in Virginia. And their careers eventually brought them to Birmingham, Alabama. Since then, Jennifer Ivanovic’s painting career has taken off again and she paints full-time.


has always fascinated me. All my work is poured unto the canvas, and blown with straws, manipulated with toothpicks and knifes. This spontaneity creates magic on the canvas.

My paintings are representative of my hybrid art practice. Installations, still lifes, and performances are photographed, manipulated in the computer, and printed. I use the resulting prints and the real objects to paint from.

Butterflies are a recurring motif in my work and often represent transformation. Another motif is hand-made dolls which often are the insight into the story I am creating in paint. I like to layer images into my work to represent our busy and ever changing modern life. I believe in the power of complex and challenging imagery to delight the mind and communicate ideas.


The lusciousness of paint...

“I do not view my work as stark images or objects, but as an amalgamation of hues and shapes that may change at any second, mimicking life itself. I explore the construct of texture, and how it fades my subject to a memory or an emotion. I enjoy the subtlety of overlaying images and complex sensations. I am interested in the documentation of memory and place. I strive to find beauty in often overlooked structures and objects. I incorporate the energy, the tension, and the emotions felt in the environment.”