It’s a sad day for all Fort Collins Artist.

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My gallery, Poudre Studio Artist & Gallery is closing it’s gallery. I just read this morning that Art on the Mountain Gallery and Centennial Galleries are also closing. Last week the news was Old Town’s Artery is also closed until they get an elevator and other upgrades (fire code violations).

Fort Collins wants to be an “Arts Town”. It doesn’t have many galleries left for “professional” display and sales. Let’s also add the facts that CSU has an art graduate program, but without the necessary galleries to establish the foundations of Artist and we know the BFA majors are not getting jobs nor staying in the arts (from the hard statistics).

But, I KNOW Fort Collins has some really wonderful Artists that can give our community lots to be proud of. I am very proud of our unique Arts in Public Places program, our organizing of Arts Incubator of the Rockies & new DIY gallery space – both of which – we’re lucky Artists to have this support in this size town. CSU’s & Lincoln’s Gallery are great places, but not open for most artist nor really sales…

I’d be lying if I said I had a solution. I am seeing all of these doors close and I am looking for the window somewhere to open. Maybe, somehow, us artists will unite to become something more? If anyone hears of this happening. I’d like to be a part of it.

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  1. Alan D.

    Jennifer- I’ve never seen your work in the galleries you list here. I really like a few of them. My though is this… I have a friend in Longmont that is an artist. He doesn’t sell much & I have no idea how he pays his mortgage/bills. He hates rich folks. I ask him (and I ask you) how can an artist sell a piece for $2000-4000 each to someone that makes less than $50k per year? Don’t rich people but the most art?

    • studio admin

      Alan, Thanks for taking time to look at my work online and in galleries. It’s the beginning of a new way to get my work out there – so keep posted for many more changes.

      I hardly know any Fine Artists that make a “good” living. I know lots of Artists that make “some” money. I know Artists that make a very good living at an “artistic” career (like Adverting, product design, copywriter…). But, for me and many people I know – Art is a calling and I do want to make money at – but I have always painted and money is rarely my only motivation. When I was doing tons of commercial work, I did make good money, but I painted exactly what they wanted in the colors they wanted. I had to chase after each job, too. (Chasing corporate commissions has been difficult in Fort Collins. I don’t want to be a pest, either. BUT, I LOVE COMMISSIONS – it’s a very win/win situation.)

      As far as “rich people” buying art. I’m not sure. I recently went to Art Basel in Miami and I met with lots of galleries and artists that were making good money. I am not quite sure how it all worked, but several of the galleries only do fine art shows with their stable of artists. I only saw works of art that were above $10K in those shows. When I asked about the sales, I heard that lots were sold. The booth prices were about $15K, + shipping all the art to Miami. I think that is one avenue to sales as an artist, but obviously not for everyone.

      The way Artists sell and exhibit their work is changing. How will the future be? I think, like I have done in the past, I will have to summons the courage to do forge my own path. I am always interested in finding new ways to get my work out there. Got any? :)

  2. studio admin

    One more thing in response – I have artwork priced in all price ranges. One of my best customers in Alabama often paid for large paintings on a monthly basis. I also plan to sell prints which is also an affordable way to have access to great artwork.

  3. Anne

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