I love painting transformers. It brings smiles to many people…

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Painting transformers are fun and I meet lots of new people. Today was no different, with a stroke of Serendipity added…


(Serendipity – a “fortuitous happenstance” or “accidental surprise”)


Most painters get into the “zone” while painting, strong focus and without acknowledging their surroundings. We really get into our work. And, I literally got into my work today. I sat on my wet paint pallet. All things considered – not a pleasant experience, but then entered “serendipity”.


I just peeled the palette off my butt when a car pulled up to chat. It seems that it always starts the same.”So, you’re the one whom is painting all the transformers!?” quickly followed up with, “You’re so talented!” I can assure you that I felt “talented”.  Next up, with the quite drone of Roy Orbison’s – “Pretty Woman” in my earbuds, several spanish-speaking landscapers drive up to start planting trees next to me. It gets better, my neighbor shows up to check the progress. And then, just for kicks, a bus load of kids park, too. (Eating at the nearby McDonald’s.)



All I can think of how I look like a red butt Baboon. At least, the smiles weren’t only for the transformer!



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