“Metamorphosis” Sculpture by Jennifer Ivanovic

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The Rotary Club “Flight” Project inspired Jennifer Ivanovic to look at the Magic of Metamorphosis.

“I have been fascinated by the natural world and butterflies have been a reoccurring subject in my art for many years. Alongside an amazing variety of color and form was the incredible fact that a caterpillar turned, via chrysalis, into a butterfly or a moth – a process known as metamorphosis. I once watched a Puss moth (Cerura vinula) emerging from its cocoon and then patiently waited while its wings filled and dried. It was so different from the colorful, fierce-looking, fork-tailed caterpillars with which I was so familiar. It’s truly magic.”

Ivanovic’s simple, yet incredibly beautiful painting process captures and collaborates with the magic of metamorphosis. Celebrating the unique fingerprint of many different butterfly’s wings, symbolized caterpillars, cocoons, eggs and “chrysalis bursts” energetically painted onto the metal sculpture. She employes a hypnotic color palette and repeated patterns to please the eye and make a little bit of magic of her own.