“African Weaver Birds” is getting a new home in Plainfeild, Illinois…

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This painting is about unusual and fascinating African Weaver Birds. In late 1993, I worked in South Africa as an Art Director in an Advertising Agency. It’s standard to have 30 days of vacation. How nice is that? I spent every moment possible traveling Southern Africa. In the Drakensburg Mountains, outside of Durban, is a fabulous hiking trek. Along the road to the path is a local tea house that served the best mango crepes, and that’s where I first saw these African Crested Weaver birds. They were nesting along side the road side. They’re most often found in camel thorn trees (painted). The weaver birds nest upside down and are often found making enormous group nests. African folk lore is that it’s unlucky to walk under these nests. The “cure” for the “unluck” is to walk slowly, backwards around the nest three times. Often, these nests are temporarily occupied by the deadly yellow mamba snake. I think that’s the one, I don’t remember exactly – I never did check myself. Unlucky, indeed!