Just about everyone I know has had a dream of falling. You know that one that wakes you up with a jolt and leaves you wide awake with a feeling you just fell off something of great height? My recent “ConsumHER” painting was started from a night time dream of falling through a “vortex”. Many images flashed before me, each asking something of me. Eventually, I end up in swirling drain and jolted awake.

Dreams may be sources of knowledge, providing private information about the dreamer’s present situation and future prospects. Dreams never quite belong to their dreamers, since the hidden meaning is not immediately accessible. The dreamer needs to remember, interpret and decipher the dream, only then does the dream yield its secret message. One theory about my “falling dream” suggests that I may have lost control over a particular situation in my life. Maybe you can relate to my interpretation of my falling dream as presented in my painting?

“ConsumHER” calls into question my personal fears of how my internal critic and the advertising medias has shaped how I view myself. I feel that I cannot escape the constant bombardment of images and the distraction of “needs” from this multi-billion dollar industry.  This savvy industry spends it’s money wisely and often gets it’s goals accomplished. These marketers reach me through commercials, ads in magazines, billboards, on the internet, and even in bathroom stalls. Much advertising distracts me from what I really needed, encourages poor choices and even worse, tells me whom I should be.

My painting calls into question of who I really am. A central inspector views and evaluates my performance. In my dream it was a elderly man whom was most critical of my choices and he’s centered in my painting vortex. The painting is generally showing media-influenced personalities that I wear and casually discard as needed. Am I that fat baby weaning herself on a diet of consumerism for forty years? How about that 80′s roller-skating chic? Do I interpret myself as the naked Barbie with the blank head stare and constant smile? What’s up with the caped and masked doll? Or, am I the sweet hand-made doll with beaded eyes and hands stapled to her pockets complete with painful-looking blood stains? Another Mom-doll offers us a frosted cupcake, yet her own mouth is sewed shut. Or perhaps the-yellow-poka-dotted-bikini woman that burns the Vogue magazine in protest? I’d say that I’m like most women… none of these, but a little of all of them.

“ConsumHER” also shows an electric butterfly ever-ready to morph into the next media-influences phase of life. Our free American society and media promotes a metamorphise, but also has very harsh spectator that doesn’t allow the control to be completely lost. A Bansky-styled (a graffiti artist) maid, pulls up the wallpaper of images that hides the real fears that allows these media-dictated personalities thrive. Maybe if the underlining fears were resolved, would the media lose it’s control over me?

34 x 34,

Poured acrylic paint on canvas