The word “Columbine” took on a new meaning April 20, 1999. On that sunny morning in the prosperous suburban subdivision of Littleton, Colorado, a shooting massacre at Columbine High School happened. It is among the most infamous of crimes perpetrated in an American school. The attack was executed by two students as an expression of their rejection of their school and community.


Fourteen years later, the attacks of that day are still deeply imbedded into our collective psyche. Every new tragic mass murder in American refers to “Columbine” and our memories are awaken. The Fort Collins Lincoln Center invites visual artists residing in Colorado to enter artwork that presents ‘insiders’ view from our state. My painting is awaking the collective “insight” memories and exploring stigma’s of mental illness. This painting is a part of a larger show called, “The Silent Treatment, true stories of the Stigma of Mental Illness”.


Poured Acrylic on Canvas
28in x 28in x 2 3/4in