How does a private commission work? Here’s my general outline…


I’ll submit a few ideas of what the painting would be of. You’ll pick the idea you like the best. I’ll work with any images you bring. The process then includes a digital design in photoshop. This is where the details of the painting get worked out. I would probably search for appropriate visuals then modify them more in the painting stage. I’d send you other paintings I have done in the past to reference at this stage, too. You’d be able to have lots of input and approve a close approximate image to the painting at this stage. Here’s a sample of a digital design next to the finished painting. About two to three weeks to get here. (This one’s about “Columbine”)



Another painting in progress with digital sketch…


The sketch is sitting on the painting in progress… they are not always this close to the sketch – but all the design elements are there. You would see the photos of your painting in progress and have input each time. Paintings generally takes about a month.



I always paint the edges. That way there’s no need to frame the paintings. I like the floating look of the paintings and it’s nice to look at from any angle.

Final is approved. Signed. And then I collect full payment in either a check or I take Credit Cards via “four square”. Then, it’s packed in sturdy cardboard and bubble wrap. Insured. Sent to your loving home.


Custom price given ahead of time. Shipping is included.


If you aren’t prepared for that. I also have a simplified version of the above process for framed (White or Black – as shown), 12 x 12, 3/4 edge (single color painted) $200, plus shipping (runs about $20). Here’s a sample…



Thank you for considering my work. Let me know if you have any questions.